Thursday, October 29, 2009

Man of Action

I am blessed to be loved by and married to a man who knows me well and doesn't lose faith in me in spite of my many faults. A combination of my most crippling faults has succeeded in preventing me from doing something I have been "meaning" to do for weeks now which is to contact local galleries about hanging my work.

Perhaps my most debilitating fault is that I procrastinate, and despite concerted efforts on my part, I cannot be reformed. Next is my propensity to be easily distracted. The never-ending minutae of life (i.e. laundry and other household drudgery, paying bills, PTA duties, soccer practice) consistently undermines my attempts to organize myself and formulate a plan about how to approach galleries. And finally there is a lack of self-confidence...what if the gallery owners hate my work and consider me unpolished, unschooled and unworthy of being represented by them?

Yesterday, my sweet Ben, having become as frustrated and exasperated by my inaction as he could stand (and being quite a man of action himself), grabbed 3 of his favorite paintings and visited 2 galleries on my behalf. Lucky for me, Ben is a fan of my work and a charming, talented and tenacious salesman to boot. The second gallery he visited really loved my paintings and expressed interest in hanging all 3 -- in fact, they wouldn't let Ben take the paintings with him! I am hoping that I will hear from the gallery owner today about hanging those 3 paintings and possibly more. The best part is that this gallery has a great reputation, a long and solid history, a loyal clientele and well, it is just plain cool...


  1. A very cool blog design, Mrs. Friedman! Man of Action is a neat little story! I predict it is only the first installment of even more wonderfull tales of the surprises that await you and your very unique fine art renderings. To recap all my comments in one word, Mrs. Friedman, I leave you with a heartfelt: WOWZAA!!!

  2. I have tears in my eyes. I adore your man of action. I'm pretty sure I would buy anything he is selling.

    In addition, I think I'd better snatch up a picture for myself before they're all gone and I can no longer afford you.

    All my love dear friend. XOXO