Sunday, October 4, 2009

Norcoss Art Fest

Tonight I am resting up from my second-ever art festival.  The Norcross Art Fest was such a blast to be a part of and so worth all the hard work leading up to it.  I contacted the festival director 2 weeks ago on a whim to see if just maybe there were cancellations and she would accept my application.  The gods must have been conspiring in my favor because I got in and my acceptance set me on a course to prepare for it that would cause me to neglect all my motherly-wifely-volunteerly duties for the last 2 weeks -- and I mean ALL!  Luckily, my family supports me and they understood (quite lovingly) when dinner was often born of the freezer, laundry was breeding itself into mountains, and dust bunnies were growing into dust tumbleweeds.

I met tons of nice art-lovers, was visited by many dear friends, made some gallery connections and sold enough work to cover my booth fee and them some!  The weather was lovely all weekend except for maybe 10 huge raindrops that fell Sunday afternoon. 

Best of all was that I was surrounded by so many talented artists!  Here are some of my faves...

Nancy Cann - beautiful fused glass designs

Allison Strine - her Lady Birds make me smile!

Malena Bisanti-Wall - I wanted 50 of her delicate pottery pieces!

Showing my work in the midst of such talented artists legitimized what I am doing and it was such a thrill!

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